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Who is she? Shannon Monet is 17 years old. Shannon is extremely focused and desires to make a positive impact on today’s, and the next generation. Shannon has found her value and purpose. She believes no one should be left alone, or feel alone. She wants her story to help the lost find their identity. She believes everyone has their unique purpose and should work to walk in that purpose. There are many suffering from suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, fear, and more. Her goal and purpose are to use her voice through social media, graphic design, and capturing visuals on YouTube. She has an incredible and undying love for people and wants to be a light in this very dark world. That is Shannon Monet!

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Listen to Shannon as she narrates her story, The Outcast. Shannon gives a visual description of the story and pours her heart out, while bursting with pure emotion. Giving you the ability to imagine the pain and hurt Shannon has been through. She has defeated depression, suicidal thoughts, and mental bullying, and she hopes everyone who hears her story will find freedom, too. While watching The Outcast, you will be empowered, motivated, touched, and perhaps even able to relate to her experiences. Her story has and will continue to affect millions all over the world.

Shannon Is On A Mission To Be The Light, in This Dark World.

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"When I was a young child, I always loved to sing This Little Light Of Mine, everywhere I could. I never understood my attachment to that song until now. I have always wanted to make the light inside of me shine. I don’t recall what age I was, but I was at a wedding and the band was getting ready to pack up. But I asked them if they could play This Little Light Of Mine and I grabbed a mic and started singing. Even at a birthday party for a family member. At a young age, It was evident that I carried a lot of boldness."

Shannon Monet

Teen Speaker | World Changer | Light Carrier

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La Toya Bond

Field Advocate For The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention - Owner Of Beautiful Creations, L.L.C. - Host Of "Speaking Of Love - The Podcast"
“I first became acquainted with Shannon Monet in 2011. From the moment I first met her, I knew she was destined for greatness. Shannon is such an amazing young woman and she is wise beyond her years. When I interviewed Shannon on my podcast recently, I learned more about her strength and resilience. She openly discussed her experience with depression and thoughts of suicide. The audience was amazed and encouraged by her journey. What I admire the most about Shannon is her ability to rise above being an “Outcast” by inspiring others to never give up. Shannon’s YouTube channel is an autobiographical display of her pain, wisdom and love. She is truly a LIGHT in a world full of darkness. I love her tremendously.”

Paul Granger

President Of New Visions Civic League - Serves with Youth With A Mission In Richmond - Host of "Where Did You See God?"
"I had the privilege of sharing a valuable conversation with Shannon on the podcast, and was deeply impressed not just with the spiritual wisdom God has entrusted her with, but her willingness to put herself out there and share it. She has a deep desire to encourage those that often feel unseen, neglected, and forgotten; because God met her in a similar space, she knows He can meet others in the same way through her. Her story is relatable to many, and her insights give them the opportunity to consider the abundantly more God might have for them."

Daniel Kitchel

Lead Pastor at The Cross Church Of Norman, OK - Varsity Football Coach - Host of "Life & Leadership w/ Daniel Kitchel"
"Shannon is doing life-saving work for her generation! She is leading the way regarding the emotional battles teenagers face each day. With honesty, respect, clarity, and love, Shannon talks passionately about suicide awareness, identity, and mental health. She can do this so well because she draws from the well of her own experience. Most importantly, Shannon loves Jesus and wants to bring his light into the darkness so people can see clearly. If you are looking to meet a leader of the next generation, you are in the right place!"

Marielle Melling

Summit Host - Author - Personal and Family Development Coach - Founder Of Lovin' Life with Littles
I worked with Shannon for our Raising a Healthy, Happy Teen Virtual Summit, where she was one of our featured speakers. I was so impressed with her! Shannon's message is an important one, and she shared openly and authentically about her experience with bullying, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Her insight was helpful for anyone interested in the mental and emotional well-being of our teen generation. Shannon was also a joy to work with; she was responsible, engaged, and timely in our communication and throughout our event. I highly recommend bringing her to your audience. Shannon is truly a light!

Tracey Cook

Brand Storytelling Strategist & Podcast Creator - Host of "Victim to Victory Podcast Series"
"Shannon Monet brings life to teen perspective and encompasses the next generation to come with her ability to take you on a journey to inspire, educate and lead from her heart. As a seasoned Podcast Creator, I highly recommend Shannon as a upcoming sort after guest speaker to any podcast or virtual platform. I received positive feedback from Shannon appearing on our global podcast and many will be looking forward to watching her journey."

Eleanor Ward

Certified Life Strategies Coach - Fresh Start Life Renewal Specialist - Grief/Trauma Management Coach - Host of "Fresh Start Fridays Live"
"Shannon Monet is an amazing guest, she is prompt, able to stay on course with the conversation and/or interview. Shannon's love of the Lord shines through in everything. She is truly a light shining bearer and a world changer in the world of self-love and healing. I love her drive and how much she wants others to learn from her trials and tribulations to triumph. She holds the audiences attention with her story and everything moves very seamless. I highly recommend her as a guest on any podcast or as an engaging guest speaker."

Genesis Amaris Kemp

Visionary Lifecoach - Motivational Speaker - Author - Founder and Host of GEMS Podcast
"Having Shannon Monet on GEMS Podcast was truly a treat. She is such a trailblazer and truly making huge impacts at the age of 15. Can't wait to see and hear all the incredible things she is going to do and accomplish. It was a pleasure to hear her story as well as the courage, faith, resilience, etc. that it took her to get to where she is now. Now others can illuminate their light and know that if she overcame bullying, depression, and suicidal thoughts they can too."

Rachael Jenneman

Staff Pastor at Living Hope Church of Traverse City, MI - Life Coach - Blogger - Podcaster - Host of "Unique On Purpose"
"Shannon Monet is on a mission! This young lady is passionate about helping others her age know their identity in Christ. Her story is one that should be told to help others who are struggling with their identity. I'm thankful to have gotten to know her this year."

Takiyyah Hasan

Minister - Author - Teacher - Entrepreneur - Content Creator - Podcaster - Host of “My Testimony Podcast"
"Shannon Monet is a professional speaker who comes well prepared for her speaking sessions. She delivers clear and concise points that are easy to understand. I believe that the Lord shall use her mightily to speak life into her generation and bring great change."

When I Open My Mouth, I am saving a life!

"Your Growing Moments, Take You Into Your Glowing Moments"

- Shannon Monet

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